The Live Oak Mortgage Difference

We have found that to provide our borrowers with their BEST LOAN; we MUST ask them a series of short but necessary questions. When put together with your Credit information, these questions provide us with all the information needed to provide our borrowers with their MAX BENEFIT LOAN. This only takes a few minutes because we already know the right questions to ask.

So, what questions do you have? Here are some common ones that most of us have. Let's get some of them answered now so we can help provide you with your MAX BENEFIT pre-approval even Faster. 

Can you tell me what your Closing Cost will be? 

Great Question! Live Oak Mortgage has several different loan options, and we will provide you with a complete breakdown of what you can expect for your Purchase or Refinance option.  

Can you tell me what your interest rates are?  

Absolutely!!!!  If it is okay with you, I will ask a few questions to review your terms. We understand you want to know the exact rates available for your situation. Believe me, if it were that easy, we would say the rate, but with a mortgage, many factors go into the Final Approved Rate. So, instead of just giving you a rate with many fast-talking disclaimers connected to it, we would prefer to provide you with the exact rate and proposal that you qualify for.  

I do not want a Hard Inquiry on my Credit. I am just trying to see what my Options Are Right Now.     
We can provide you with a Quote with just a SOFT MORTGAGE INQUIRY. The soft credit inquiry option provides us with all the same information regarding your credit, allowing us to provide you with a full credit pre-approval. Prior to closing, we will perform the Hard Mortgage Credit Inquiry. This gives you peace of mind to shop for the Best Terms without your credit being pulled multiple times. 
How long will this take? It typically takes less than 10 minutes to review a few questions and discuss your goals.Once we have all the information needed, we will schedule a call with you in the next 30 minutes to an hour.  This will allow us the time needed to work on your pre-approval without you having to stay on the phone while we provide you with the best pre-approval terms we can offer you. 

Click on the About tab at the top of this page to learn more about Live Oak Mortgage and our simple 8-step Closing process. 

Live Oak Mortgage was created to be different. We understand that you have options as a borrower. With our extremely competitive rates, no lender fee options, same-day pre-approvals, and our simple 8 steps or Less Closing Process, we Fully Expect that for most of you, the Loan you get today will not be the Loan you will have forever. That is why we have created what we believe to be the BEST LOAN EXPERIENCE! So, when rates improve (Auto Enrollment into our Rate Watch Program), or life happens, and you need to change your loan terms or purchase another property, we hope your first choice will always be Live Oak Mortgage.     

Ready for Your Quote? 

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