The Live Oak Mortgage Difference

We have found that for us to always provide our borrowers with their BEST LOAN, we MUST ask them a series of short but very necessary questions. These questions, when put together with your Credit information, provides us with all the unique bits of information that goes into providing our borrowers with their MAX BENEFIT LOAN. This only takes a few minutes, because we already know the right questions to ask.

So, what questions do you have? Here are some common ones that most of us have. Let's get some of them answered now, so we can help provide you with your MAX BENEFIT pre-approval even Faster. 

Can you tell me what your Closing Cost will be? 

Great Question! Live Oak Mortgage has ZERO LENDER FEES.  Your only closing cost would just be the cost of any 3rd party fees and or any discount points if you decided to obtain a lower rate than what was available. When I go over your pre-approval with you today, I will have the exact third-party fees that will be included with your loan. Normally, on a refinance, your closing cost and pre-paid items are included with your loan. On a Purchase, because we have NO LENDER FEES, this will reduce the amount of money needed at closing. 

Can you tell me what your interest rates are?  

Absolutely!!!!  If it is okay with you, I will ask a few questions so that I can provide you with your exact rate. We know you would just like to hear us say the rate. Believe me, if it were that easy, we would just say the rate but with a mortgage, there are many factors that go into the Final Approved Rate on any given loan. So, instead of us just telling you a Rate, with a bunch of fast-talking disclaimers connected to it, we would prefer to just provide you with your Exact Rate and Proposal that you qualify for.  

I do not want a Hard Inquiry on my Credit. I am just trying to see what my Options Are Right Now.     
I completely understand. Everyone hates it when their credit is pulled in what seems like 5000 times, just to find out if there is even a benefit or if they will even qualify for the loan or terms they want.  So, for that reason, we DO NOT PULL A HARD CREDIT INQUIRY until after we have provided you with the credit terms you are pre-approved for. We can do this by first pulling a SOFT MORTGAGE INQUIRY, which is the equivalent of a pre-screened credit offer inquiry.  Did you know that all those un-solicited credit pre-approvals you receive in the mail are a result of a soft credit inquiry? The soft credit inquiry for this purpose (Mortgage) provides us with your exact credit scores and credit profile information to provide you with a full credit pre-approval. As soon as you accept the terms of your MAX BENEFIT PRE-APPROVAL, is when we will do the Hard Credit Inquiry. As long as nothing suddenly reports differently between the soft pull and the hard pull, your Final Credit Approval is then issued, and you will have the opportunity to Lock In your NEW TERMs.  
How long will this take? It will take us less than 10 minutes to ask you a few questions, so that we can start work on your pre-approval. Once we have all the information needed, we will schedule a call back with you in the next 30 minutes to an hour.  This will allow us the time needed to work on your pre-approval without you having to stay on the phone with us the whole time. 

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Live Oak Mortgage was created to be different. We understand that you have options as a borrower. With our extremely competitive rates, no lender fees, same day pre-approvals and our simple 8 steps or Less Closing Process, we Fully Expect, that for most of you, the Loan you get today will not be the Loan you will have forever. That is why we have created, what we believe to be, the BEST LOAN EXPERIENCE! So, when rates improve (Auto Enrollment into our Rate Watch Program) or when life happens and you need to make a change to this loan or purchase another property, we hope your first choice will always be Live Oak Mortgage.     

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